Saturday, 20 September 2014

More Pictures of Bike Boy!

It must be over a year now that my post titled London Naked Bike Ride 2012 has been top of the most popular posts, perhaps thanks to Freddie's picture in the side banner post links further down. Freddie has been one of the most popular riders over the last few years.
And now all off a sudden nearly four months after this year's London event that post has finally taken over the top position.

This of course lead me to look over this year's pictures and I noticed that one of the comments informs us that this year's most popular not to mention prettiest bike rider did in fact go naked after all and that lots of his pictures have been posted up at the London Naked Bike Ride Tumblr. Some of my images are also on there as well.
It seems that some riders like to cover up once they approach the end of the route only to face the gauntlet of photographers waiting at the Finish. And it was only at the end of the race that I was able to get some pictures of this beauty.

Tagged as Garland1 you can see more of his pictures at...


Above and below the legendary Freddie who's images can be found at the London Naked Bike Ride Tumbler on several of it's pages...



Friday, 19 September 2014




So it wasn't to be, and last night Scotland voted to stay within The United Kingdom. And the turnout for the vote was a phenomenal 85%, something quite unheard of for a normal General Election. It is after all well known that most people in The U.K are so disillusioned with politics. And the huge turnout proved how passionate the Scots were during this long campaign.
Of course we want to keep The Union intact but you do have to have some sympathy for the 1.6 million Scottish voters that voted for Independence. We all know how disenfranchised they feel with the Westminster elite. After all they're governed by people that they didn't even vote for in the last General Election. And there's only one Conservative M.P in Scotland.

The visits to Scotland by the three political leaders over the last week was sheer farce and unsurprisingly the ineffectual Labour Leader Ed Milliband was given a hard time out on the campaign trail. One bystander described him as a sort of Mister Bean and I cant help feeling that he will be a hindrance come next year's General Election. I think they should look to someone like Deputy Leader Harriot Harman. But with such little time until the next General Election it may be too late to move him out of the way.
Apparently a poll was taken earlier this year on the popularity of Ed Milliband and the result was that 40% of voters thought he was weird!

It seems that The Queen will be making a somewhat uncharacteristic statement during today being that a YES win for Scotland would have created a Constitutional Crisis. At the moment The Royal Family are still residing at Balmoral Scotland on their annual long Summer holiday.

But for Scotland and Westminster there's still one or two issues that will need clearing up like The West Lothian Issue which is about the ongoing debate about MP's from outside of England who vote on matters that only refer to England. And the Barnett Formula debate which covers money allocation by Westminster to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And so with as many as 1.6 million Scottish people voting for Independence you do wonder if the whole issue will perhaps re emerge in the near distant future. 


FOR INDEPENDENCE.............. 1,617,989
AGAINST INDEPENDENCE.........2,001,926

ELECTION TURNOUT............. 85%

Normal posts to resume soon. I'm actually working on
a big super dooper Asian post!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday 14th September

These beautiful almost abstract style images are all part of a sales portfolio for a modern living complex
in Cascais Portugal. The images are almost reminiscent of the work of Italian photographer Franco
Fontana who manages to turn a simple landscape or building picture into an abstract image.
Often when I'm out and about with a camera I find myself trying to achieve the same thing. I call them my
Franco Fontana moments.
At the bottom of this post are a few of those moments, including a couple of images I recently and
unknowingly captured in Cornwall.

For more images of these beautiful Portuguese apartments click below.


Above:  FRANCO FONTANA - Titled  Full Colour 

Deejohn - Tolcarne Beach Newquay 2014

Deejohn - Lands End Cornwall 2009

Above image by FRANCO FONTANA

Deejohn  Newquay Cornwall 2011

Deejohn - West Cornwall 1998

Deejohn - London 2010

Deejohn - London 2011

Deejohn - West Cornwall  2010

Deejohn - Newquay 2014

FRANCO FONTANA - Mediterraneo 1988

Them There Eyes!

Above and below is Hungarian beauty Sven Csongar who
first emerged into the modelling world in 2011.
I do remember him often saying how he'd like to one day
model for Abercrombie & Fitch. Well he certainly has that
A&F look about him. I wonder if his wish ever came true.

Below is a short video of Sven by Sam Scott Schiavo. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Photoblue Beauty!

Good to see that top Asian photographer from Photoblue has
just added an exciting new model to his collection. Most of
the models featured are from Taiwan including that ever
popular beauty Chris.
And so if you're tempted to see a lot more of this ravishing
beauty check out the new pictures at Photoblue.
I'm hoping to put up another bigger Asian post this week.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday 9th September

Above is a rather gorgeous not to mention androgynous
beauty that goes by the name of Adeline. And no, not even
I could tell when I first saw them.

More can be seen HERE.

So there hasn't been much blogging here over the last ten days or so. The blog's email inbox has dried up this past few weeks. A couple of regulars that often keep me busy here have been uncharacteristically absent of late.
But still I have been busy in our garden after the brilliant news that my downstairs neighbour has taken off to Europe again, leaving me the garden for a few weeks. And it was around that time that he went away that I officially got the good news from the hospital that all my recent tests all turned out fine, so it was a good start to the month. So there's no more tests until January, although one of those tests will include another colonoscopy. They did tell me that after the next lot of tests that will be it for a whole year.

So for now I've put up a couple of new posts. 
Now where's this Super Moon that we're supposed to see tonight!   

Hair Down Under Styles

Here's an image that literally stopped me in my tracks on Saturday when passing the new Gro London Hair Salon at the 02 Shopping Centre in Finchley Road North London.
This almost doll like beauty was from a poster display sitting in the Salon's shop front window.
Apparently the image above by Robert Erdmann is all part of the Kevin Murphy Emo Hair Campaign from last year, although some might say that after looking at that Emo editorial it's anything but emo. This particular style veers more towards a spiky layered blonde style of the late 1980's, and some of the other cuts look more 1950's rockabilly hairstyle, something that seems very popular in 2014.
Apparently this whole collection by the master of hair care Kevin Murphy was apparently inspired by taking ideas from previous decades and blending them in with the "Anti Fashion Movement of the 90's grunge."

For more on this and other Hair and Fashion campaigns visit.....

Above as well as below is Gold Coast beauty Jordan Barrett in another of Kevin Murphy's more recent Hair Style campaigns titled 'DANCE.'
The top image of Jordan looks quite startling and he almost looks like he could be the new Tadzio.  In the images below of Jordan I can only assume that he is sporting some kind of hair piece what with his real hair now at it's longest which is evident looking at his most recent editorials as well as his up to date Instagram images.

More images from the Kevin Murphy 'Dance' editorial below.





Looking over last weekend's free London gay magazines I discovered a new film that's due to open tonight at London's Curzon Mayfair Cinema. Titled Ballet Boys, it covers four years of the lives of three teen boys training to become professional ballet artists while chasing that one elusive position with The Norwegian Ballet Academy. And having trained, practiced and bonded over those four years it does seem sad that only one of the boys could go through at the final auditions at The Royal Ballet School in London. Of course it begs the question as to what happens to ballet trainees when they don't get through and win positions with the big Dance Companies having spent most of their youth preparing for that very roll.

Director of the film Kenneth Elvebakk along with the three boys Lukas, Syvert and Torgeir will be attending the London premier tonight at The Curzon Cinema where there will be a post screening discussion with the audience.
Just recently the film premiered in their home country Norway where the boys mingled with the audience and signed posters for eager fans.

More can be discovered on tonight's showing below...





Sunday, 31 August 2014


Here's a familiar looking face although I couldn't remember where
I'd seen him before. Then I suddenly remembered that I had posted
his pictures up HERE late last year.
And this mixed Asian beauty is in fact Marius Begaud. And some
startling new images by photographer Antoine La Rochelle have
just been posted up at Male Model Scene.

Marius models at Folio Montreal Models and he's also a student at
HEC Montreal.
Below is just one of several images of Marius by Robert Ferron
and they're probably Marius's best ever images.


Our Visit To The Cat Cafe

Just a couple of weeks ago we finally made it to London's first ever Cat Café LADY DINAH'S CAT EMPORIUM in Bethnal Green Road. The whole concept of a Café with cats here in London has really taken off and proved to be very popular, just like it has proved so popular in countries like Japan. In fact it's popularity here and the demand by so many people wanting to visit it caused it's online booking system to crash earlier this year and even I had to wait several months this Summer to take up my booking.

And once we got in there the time did seem to fly, although as we came in and settled down it was clear that most of the cats were just coming out of their afternoon naps as a whole group of visitors were all let in at the same time. So we started off upstairs with some tea and scones. Although I opted for some Earl Grey I had to laugh when the Café assistant asked my partner when going through the choices of tea's if he would like English Breakfast to which he replied  'What, at 4.30 in the afternoon.'  He thought he was being offered a slap up fried English breakfast. He didn't know that English Breakfast is a brand of tea.

It wasn't until after about 15 minutes that some of the cats started to come to life. In fact just on the table right next to us was a basket with one of the two black cats. They're twins named Loki and Adamska, and we hadn't realized he was there all the time. Of course the cats have all grown quite a bit since they opened the Café in March this year so the family picture below is a bit out of date but still a nice picture anyway. Apparently Mue is the Mother of seven of the cats.

The staff there were very friendly and chatty and told us the names of the cats as they passed. One of the cats even climbed onto the back of one of the assistants (photo below) as she proceeded in a hunched back manner and somehow navigated her way down the staircase and into the lounge area.

I had heard that the ginger and white cat named Romeo was very popular, apparently he likes to sit on warm open laptops, well he put on quite a show downstairs as we watched him jump up and down while one of the customers teased him with a feather stick.
I think during our two hours there that one or two of the eleven cats must have slept the whole time during our visit. One of them seemed very attached to a cat hammock just above the staircase and was determined not to give it up.
Things did also liven up a bit when one of the cats, possibly Petra, was fascinated by my friends bag and started playing with it as well as trying to find out what was inside.
But all in all it was a pleasant new experience although my friend who is more of a lover of cats, being that I like dogs so much, well he came away slightly disappointed that none of the cats sat on his lap. It seems that every day at the Cat Café can be different. It's all down to the moods of the cats and how much they feel like interacting with the public.

Below are just a few pictures I took while we were there. For more information visit their website...