Thursday, 23 October 2014


Well I hardly even recognized him myself but it is Korean singer,
actor and r & b hip hop artist Jay Park formerly of 2PM and now
a successful solo artist. And these two top images are just two
teaser pictures from the November issue of Elle Korea in a photo
shoot that's been described as an 'Outerspace Journey' theme.
K-Pop fans have been quick to comment on Jay Park's slight
over use in the make-up department. Although I must say he does
look quite pretty with all that eye shadow.

Joining him in the photo shoot (below) is Lee Sungkyung and
Choi Sora. The magazine will be out on November 1st and no
doubt more images will surface over the next week or two.

More on the story at

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Below Jay Park from a photo shoot last year
for Men's Health Korea.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Moko Beauty!

I'm never normally in favour of Asian boys dying their hair
but this Asian beauty looks very appealing minus those
dark locks.

Found on the pages of MOKO

Dutch Beauty..........Too Daan Hot!

Dutch beauty Daan van der Deen
By Mert & Marcus for W Magazine
September 2014.

Daan van der Deen


Below: A smouldering Daan in a video by Joost Konings
for IAmElk Agency Amsterdam.


Asian Water Babes!

Here's a great picture that I've seen on various Asian blogs and tumblr's
although only smaller sized versions of it. But I found this full size one on
AOM Soulfood blog.

Out of interest I see that top Asian blog The World of Simon Lover has quit
blogging preferring to use Instagram. Apparently it's less time consuming
as blogging is. Simon goes on to say that 'Every gay boy now has a 
smartphone and that nobody bothers to read blogs anymore, and that's the
sad truth.'  Well looking over the AOM Soulfood blog, formerly The Buckskin
Café from a few years ago, the blog is still alive and very much kicking with
AOM posting up a phenomenal average of nearly 50 images a day. It's
hardly surprising that he needs each weekend off to recuperate.

I certainly couldn't keep up that sort of blogging pace. After all, to post up
that many images each day you'd probably have to have the time and
freedom to be online for most of a full day, especially when you're caught in
the daily trap of searching out for your next lot of 50 or 60 pictures to post
up for the following day.  

I think my three big posts for this year, Pride, The Bike Ride and Holiday
post were each over 50 images. And two of those posts took me nearly
a week each to slowly post up as I was doing a little bit each day so as to
avoid being online for too long.
After all you only get one life and life is for living. So no I don't think
that blogs are out of fashion just yet and perhaps Instagram is not for

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Northern Wonders!

If you were ever to draw up a bucket list of things to do then perhaps
a visit to witness that meteorological phenomenon we call the
Aurora Borealis would surely be high on that list.
This amazing image above by Harald Albrigtsen was recently
captured around the Norwegian islands of Kvaloya. And last
Tuesday this image was posted up as NASA'S picture of the day.

Apparently the unusual but spectacular formation of lights is what's
known as  an aurora corona which is caused by the angle at which
the solar radiation hits the atmosphere of the planet.

More at The Huffington Post .

Friday, 17 October 2014

Scandinavian Beauty

Swedish beauty Bjorn Winiger may not be a familiar face
to most, but perhaps some might recognize him from the
image below which is from a set of some amazing shots
captured by Anton Ostlund in 2012.
That whole set can be seen HERE.

The top colour image is by Tomas Falmer from an editorial
from last year titled Small Town Boy for The Lab Magazine.

More images at The Lab Magazine HERE.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hungarian Dreamboy Kolos..... by Pantelis

Once again the people at Coitus Magazine have put out a
hot cover guy on the latest issue of their magazine.
It features Hungarian beauty Kolos Balazs who has
actually been around the modelling scene for a couple of
years, although he only just recently came to my attention
after checking out the pages of Coitus.

More information and images at Coitus Magazine
Pantelis Tumblr
Pantelis Facebook Photos

Above: Kolos on the cover of Coitus #7

I love these two images (above and below) of Kolos
from a couple of years ago by Sam Scott Schiavo.
He did look much more twinkier back then until
the lure of the gym pulled him in.

Kolos image via Coitus Facebook.

Below: Kolos in Ayia Napa Cyprus for the promotional
video shoot for Coitus Magazine #7.
Photography by Pantelis.

Video uploaded to Youtube by Male Model Corp
Video by Coitus Magazine  

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Now there's a room with a view and it comes from a design and architectural
page where all of the modern properties on show have an overriding theme of
glass. Glass as in the kind that goes from floor to ceiling giving wonderful
panoramic views, and almost giving the impression of outdoor living.
The Design page 2014 IDA quite rightly describes the above property saying
'This seaside bedroom seems immersed in the clear blue ocean, proving the
unlimited energy of floor to ceiling windows.' Now if only I could see the ocean
outside my own bedroom window.

More similar panoramic properties can be found at


Monday, 13 October 2014

Monochrome Asians

Here's a hot Asian guy who seems to be getting about on several of
the Asian tumblrs, although no names have been given of the model
 which seems to be the case with many tumblrs.
I'm not sure if the original images were captured in black & white. They
do seem to have a slight blue cast about them which can often be a bit
of a give away. Perhaps if I ever find colour images of this model
then I might be surprised as it's always the shade of Asian skin that
fascinates me. More on that black & white issue below.

Images via The Royalonesg Tumblr.

Below are some images from a tumblr that posts mainly
black & white images of Asian guys, although most of the
pictures have clearly been altered from their original state
as colour images.
Of course the main attraction of Asian guys for me
is the varying colour shades of skin, particularly that
darker tanned look. So the black & white image doesn't
always work for me. Perhaps if the pictures are well lit
with deep shades of contrast then they can look good.

So these images below are from a tumblr by the name of
Taipan and they were sent to me by our regular Asian
beauty hunter Ian.
Interestingly when the author of this tumblr started out,
the posted images were mainly coloured, but like many
tumblr owners they eventually veered towards posting
mainly monochrome pictures.

For more images visit TAIPAN TUMBLR.