Saturday, 19 July 2014



Later today we're off on a holiday break to Newquay
Cornwall. It's a little further away from our usual spot
in the far South West of the County but it's always fun
 staying in the resort that's often described as the
beach party capital of the U.K.

Somehow I managed to get through those recent hospital
tests. They're never nice but it did help that I had been
through it all before. They told me that I should get the
results in a few weeks time.

Below this post is the big one, London Gay Pride. It's often
the biggest blog post of the year and it can take quite a
while to get all the pictures up. I imagine that they will
take up this whole opening page, so all the regular
previous posts will be on page 2.

Hope to be back soon. 


Thousands gathered in Central London for the annual London
Gay Pride celebrations on the last Saturday of June.
Bad weather was predicted for the big day, and it arrived bang
on time just as the Parade departed from Baker Street.
It was clear that the rain wasn't going to put off the party
crowds, although there must have been a lot of damp party
frocks by the end of the day. This year's Pride theme was called
#FreedomTo, where marchers and participants hold up a card
or placard with their written personal wishes.
This years turnout for Pride was the biggest for the second
year running.

Lots of pictures from the Gay Pride event below.


Additional gif images via Zinger Bug, Critical Layouts, Comment Haven
and Travel & Skin tumblr

A couple of guys here were getting some admiring looks from
fans of Cosplay and they did seem to be in demand for
lots of group photos.

Just one of the pretty cosplay/emo boys
by the front of the Trafalgar Square stage.
Okay so we know it's a cosplay wig, but a very
nice looking guy. 

Europe's largest all female drumming ensemble SHEBOOM.

Actor and Stonewall campaigner Sir Ian McKellen who
lead more than 400 volunteers on the Parade. It was the
largest group ever to march for Stonewall, many joining
the March for the first time.
In the picture above Sir Ian is chatting with admirers
and Stonewall marchers while waiting for the Parade to
kick off in Baker Street.

This blonde beauty was part of the emo/cosplay group
in Trafalgar Square and he was getting lots of admiring
looks, which wasn't surprising with that blonde hair.

My favourite boy of the day and he was marching with
The Filipino LBGT UK group. This group seem now to
have replaced what was once the main Asian attraction
at Pride, The Long Yang group who seem to have
This is the third year that the Filipino LGBT UK have
marched at Pride. I remember first seeing them in 2012
when sadly once again there was a bit of rain and the boys
had all turned out in body paint, not a good idea.
But one things for sure and that is that they're now the
most colourful group in the Parade, particularly the girls
who all turned out in huge party dresses in the colours of
the rainbow flag.

Someone who marched with this group and took lots of
pictures of them is a blogger who's images can be
found at a blog called Chinwags & Tittle-Tattles

This years Pride theme #Freedom To.

Above: Gay Rights and Human Rights campaigner
Peter Tatchell who somehow managed to hobble his
way along the March route. Apparently he broke his
foot in early June.

Peter Tatchell Foundation

The Bar Boys from Soho's popular KuBar.

Damien of the Ku Bar Boys.

I do like those skinny muscle type boys.

Looks like shades of Dallas 1963. Of course I was too busy
looking at the car to notice a Jackie O lookalike on the
back seat. At this point the rain was coming down and it
wasn't until I got home and checked the picture that I
realized what it was all about. There's even a mock
Secret Service agent running alongside this vintage
American car.

One of those amazing girls from the Filipino group. Hers
is the red dress from the group that were all frocked out
in dresses in the colours of the gay rainbow flag.

Above: A couple of model guys that were part of a group
posing for onlookers and admirers in Baker Street before
the March set off.
They were also to be seen on the Trafalgar Square stage
as back up dancers for Sinitta.
How does that tune go....
'He's Gotta Be So Macho.'

Above is our regular Thai Prince who shows up at Pride
each year. Although he did appear to be on his own this
time. I did ask him where the rest of the Thai Dancers were
that all showed up there last year, but he said that they
weren't part of the Parade this year.

Below is that cute Thai boy that showed up last year
with that group of Thai dancers all decked out in beautiful
traditional costumes. His images can be seen in my archive
list from last year's Pride event.

The Stonewall marchers are one of the most visible
participants on the Parade with more of them this year
than ever before. Is it perhaps because of those red t-shirts?
But I do wonder if they will change and refresh the colours
of the t-shirts.
The group was lead on the March by Sir Ian McKellen.

It wouldn't be Pride without those mean looking
Leather Boys.

Our Armed Forces always get the biggest cheer at Pride
and it's now the seventh year that they have taken part
in the Gay Pride Parade.
We're also approaching the 15th anniversary of the end of
the ban on gay personnel in our Armed Forces.
Interestingly Pride fell on the same day as Armed Forces
Day so after the March they all gathered at The Cenotaph
in Whitehall to remember the many LGBT people who
served our Country throughout the years.

So even the Scouts were there and they seemed to revel
in the occasion. They've even got a Scouts Gay Pride
Facebook page with a link to their photo album of the
Pride event.


Below is Pride favourite Miss Kitten Stardust and each
year she becomes a regular fixture. The big question each
Pride is what will she turn out in. Will it be a blue, red or
pink dress. This year it was green, although I did miss
taking a picture of her last year where I later saw in
pictures where she was all decked out as Carmen Miranda.
She does like to see the images that admirers take so once
again I'll be sending her this blog post.

The Stage at Trafalgar Square, and being that the Square looked
more crowded than ever I didn't really want to chance it and
make my way down to the front of the crowd. We did though see
Sinitta performing from the back overlooking the crowds.
By late afternoon we were getting a bit damp from all the rain
so we headed out to look at things going on in Soho before
heading home. 

Above is The Village Bar just at the top of Old Compton
Street Soho where all things are gay.
I remember that it was the very first gay bar that I visited in Soho.
Of course we didn't really want to hang around here too
long as Old Compton Street can become a bottle neck with
nowhere to move. On Pride Day it becomes one big