Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Yuzuru Hanyu......The King Of Ice Returns!


Scanned by nanoka12.

So our new hero and now King of ice Yuzu Hanyu has returned to the ice rink to thrill his fans, many of which he seems to have picked up after a sensational skating season where we saw him race away winning all the titles that mattered. Those of course being the winner of The Grand Prix Series 2013/14, the Gold medal winner at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, and of course winner at the recent World Championships of Ice Skating in Japan.

Yuzu was recently back on the ice just a couple of weeks ago in Sapporo at The Stars On Ice 2014 Show. It's all part of a special exhibition tour where the skaters can let their hair down and have a good time while putting on some great shows for skating fans. It's just a shame though that the tour doesn't come to London as there's a few more shows still to come.

Below is a video of Yuzu performing in Sapporo in what is a really beautiful and emotional performance.

I've been reading on a couple of sites the subject of why Yuzu appears to have no social network page, something like a Facebook page or even a twitter page so as to keep fans up to date with all his latest news. It does seem strange when most skaters have their various sites and social network pages. And we know how other sports persons as well as most celebrities simply cant live without a twitter or facebook. So it is quite a bold move on the part of Yuzu.
Would it be because he hasn't yet grasped the written English language. Or is he basically just a very private person?  We know that he often gets a bit tired of the media's intrusions, specially when the question is 'Have you got a girlfriend?"

This image above is a picture that apparently went viral on the web, although it's not known who the artist responsible for it is.
Apparently many fans of the anime/manga Evangelion series believe that Yuzu looks just like the character Shinji Ikari and that they'd like Yuzu to cosplay him for one of his skating performances. Imagine the excitement that would cause with Yuzu coming on to the ice in his tight fitting blue suit while skating to 'The Cruel Angel's Thesis' as his theme music.
I'm sure someone could create the Shinji costume. And Yuzu could buff up his hair in that familiar cosplay/ manga style. It would certainly be like life imitating art!

Above: Yuzu in his Romeo & Juliet costume.
Artwork by one.nice fanart.
Thanks to Ian for sending me these two gorgeous works of art.

Above:  Yuzu looking damn fine and dare I say!

"Ah, don't cry Yuzu. I'll wipe your tears."

Yuzu from last year when he stole the show at The Ice performance. We can only hope that Yuzu is planning more of those sexy performances in the up and coming exhibition tour.

Below: Yuzu skating just a couple of weeks ago in Sapporo as part of  The Stars on Ice Show. It's a beautiful and emotional performance by Yuzu.


The Mystery Of Marten!


Here's a beautiful face found on the pages of theones2watch.
The model goes by the name of Marten. And yet looking at this
beauty you might be thinking that they could be either male or
Sadly there appears to be no information on the normally
informative pages at theones2watch. It just simply says new
face Marten tagged under new male models. And with no second
name or model agency supplied under the model's info then
it's going to be pretty hard to identify them. Oh well hopefully
they might turn up in a fashion editorial soon.

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

James Smith On Britain's Got Talent

Yes folks it's that time of the year again. Britain's Got Talent is
back on the box again. Already into the second round of the
auditions we were once again anticipating some truly
horrendous wannabe's, a few downright bizarre acts mixed in
with perhaps a few rare talents.
And one of those rare talents last night was 15 year old Essex
schoolboy James Smith with his rendition of Feeling Good, that
old classic by Nina Simone. And when asked by Judge Simon
Cowell what James's choice of song was going to be, his head
slightly dropped as if to say oh no not again. Perhaps he was
thinking back a couple of years ago when young Ronan Parke
picked a rather strange choice of song on his debut night. But
then Ronan surprised us all anyway.

So has James Smith started what might be a new trend by
rocking up his version of a jazz and swing classic. After all it
has been done many times the other way round. Sinatra did it
many times with one or two Stevie Wonder pop classics, and
Ella Fitzgerald used to pick out various rock tracks then jazzed
them up. In fact just last night on Jazz FM I heard her
murdering a version of Marvin Gaye's 'I Heard it Through the
Grapevine.' Somehow it just didn't work for me.
But James came through with flying colours with his version
that we've come to know as a swing classic.

It's only the second round of the auditions but Simon Cowell
revealed that James's performance was his favourite audition so

Below at the bottom of this post is another performance by
James in an Essex club performing Marvin Gaye's classic
Lets Get It On.

And below here is the Youtube link to James's big moment
last night on Britain's Got Talent performing 'Feeling Good.'

Probably the most wierd if not the most downright dangerous
act of the evening was by young 11 year old Edward Pinder.
His act was knife throwing. And his Mum was the other half
of his act. But she seemed to have full confidence in her boy
as the knives came her way while standing by the target board.

Simon Cowell was so intrigued by the act that he had a go
himself by standing next to the target board while young
Edward gave it his best shot, and just barely missing Cowell
near his left shoulder.

Someone here seems to be having a big hair day. This is Nick
Celino performing his version of Miley Cirus's Wrecking Ball.
In fact I really liked his voice. But a couple of the judges were
put off by the big hair.
David Walliams described Nick as Harry Styles after being

Below the amazing James Smith performing 'Lets Get It On.'
And being that James has only just turned 15 he was actually
still only 14 when this video and song was filmed.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


It's a welcome return for the blog's mascot Bloggy Bear.
Where have you been Bloggy?
Looks like he's got lots of chocolate to get through this holiday

Below that seasonal favourite, The climax of 'Easter Parade'
with Fred and Judy.

Francisco Serrano and The Ramirez Triplets

It seems that everything that Francisco Serrano touches turns
to gold. The 17 year old ballet artist from The
Sarasota Cuban Ballet School in Florida performed
in New York earlier this month at the Youth America Grand
Prix competition.
Along with fellow student Gabriella Stilo they won the gold
medal in the pas de deux division performing "La Corsaire."

Apparently Francisco will be heading to London later this year
to take up his place at The Royal Ballet School, having received
a scholarship.
Francisco's family come from Cuba and it wasn't until I watched
an amazing ballet documentary on tv this week that I realized
how ballet and dance is very important in Cuba. It is after all
home to the world's most famous dancer Carlos Acosta.
The documentary was called 'To Dance Like A Man' and it
featured three amazing triplets, the Ramirez brothers who at the
time of filming were only 11 years old. Now they're pushing
fourteen and training at The National School of Ballet in
Havana Cuba. They certainly were a treat to watch, and with
their idol Acosta now aged 40 you imagine that it wont be too
long before dancers like Francisco and the Ramirez brothers
become well known on the International Dance scene.

And watching that documentary on the triplets it became clear
that ballet and dance is so loved by the Cuban's. It's not a class
pastime activity like it is here in the U.K. Here we tend to look
down on things like ballet and opera as if it's only for the privileged.

Below at the bottom of this post is the amazing Francisco
Serrano performing in New York at The YAGP Competition.


Above: The Ramirez triplets from Havana Cuba.
Watch these tripletastic marvels in a youtube video (link below)

Latin Beauty....Angelo!

Latin beauty Angelo Cortina describes himself as a model,
actor and adventurer. And he certainly does have those
dark brooding latin looks.
The above and below images are from a black & white editorial
by German photographer Jonas Huckstorf from Hamburg and were taken in New
York last year.
Angelo calls himself Captain Cortina on his Webstagram page,
where more images of this beauty can be found.

Angelo Cortina by Ehsan A. Photography.

Angelo by Achim Harding


Angelo looking rather hot and moody in a blue themed
underwear editorial by Jason Jaskot.
More of those images can be seen at The Underwear Expert.


Postcards From Cornwall.....Big Surf!

Here's a couple of images I took down in Cornwall a couple of years ago.
The waves looked pretty spectacular on the day but not many surfers were
prepared to take on the wild and messy conditions.
In the top image above is one of the girls from a local surfing club that
seemed quite happy to tackle the tricky conditions.
Porthmeor Beach sometimes looks almost tropical on those flat calm
days, but I always think it looks more spectacular on those wild rough

Tuesday, 15 April 2014




Well I thought it was high time that I posted up some more images of Gold Coast
beauty and Beauty Hunter favourite Jordan Barrett. And a recent editorial that
really caught my eye is a rather tasty editorial for Markmagazine with
photography by Samuel Hodge. And could this be Jordan's first nudie shoot.
I cant remember seeing him wearing shall we say nothing at all.
It's nice to see that in some of his most recent images that he's grown back
those beautiful blonde hair locks.

Further down below are some more images of Jordan from some recent
editorials with images by Thom Kerr,Emily Abay and Pierre Toussant.

More recent images of Jordan can be found on his Statigram page below.

All above shots by SAMUEL HODGE


Jordan goes all Huckleberry Finn

Jordan by EMILY ABAY

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tomonari Beauties!

Occasionally I check up on what's new at the pages of online Korean fashions
Tomonari. Fronted by it's regular models, it's good to see my favourite
Tomonari model Gil (above and below) still gracing the ever colourful
Also still there is that feline like beauty Jun. In fact they now have four
regular models, those being Gil, Jun, Hyunjae and Hanyoung, all very
popular ulzzangs in their own right.

To visit the pages of Tomonari click below.

Above: The beautiful Gil.

Below: That feline like beauty Jun.

Jun from Tomonari

Gil - Tomonari

Below is a fairly recent Vimeo video posted up by Tomonari.