Sunday, 31 August 2014


Here's a familiar looking face although I couldn't remember where
I'd seen him before. Then I suddenly remembered that I had posted
his pictures up HERE late last year.
And this mixed Asian beauty is in fact Marius Begaud. And some
startling new images by photographer Antoine La Rochelle have
just been posted up at Male Model Scene.

Marius models at Folio Montreal Models and he's also a student at
HEC Montreal.
Below is just one of several images of Marius by Robert Ferron
and they're probably Marius's best ever images.


Our Visit To The Cat Cafe

Just a couple of weeks ago we finally made it to London's first ever Cat Café LADY DINAH'S CAT EMPORIUM in Bethnal Green Road. The whole concept of a Café with cats here in London has really taken off and proved to be very popular, just like it has proved so popular in countries like Japan. In fact it's popularity here and the demand by so many people wanting to visit it caused it's online booking system to crash earlier this year and even I had to wait several months this Summer to take up my booking.

And once we got in there the time did seem to fly, although as we came in and settled down it was clear that most of the cats were just coming out of their afternoon naps as a whole group of visitors were all let in at the same time. So we started off upstairs with some tea and scones. Although I opted for some Earl Grey I had to laugh when the Café assistant asked my partner when going through the choices of tea's if he would like English Breakfast to which he replied  'What, at 4.30 in the afternoon.'  He thought he was being offered a slap up fried English breakfast. He didn't know that English Breakfast is a brand of tea.

It wasn't until after about 15 minutes that some of the cats started to come to life. In fact just on the table right next to us was a basket with one of the two black cats. They're twins named Loki and Adamska, and we hadn't realized he was there all the time. Of course the cats have all grown quite a bit since they opened the Café in March this year so the family picture below is a bit out of date but still a nice picture anyway. Apparently Mue is the Mother of seven of the cats.

The staff there were very friendly and chatty and told us the names of the cats as they passed. One of the cats even climbed onto the back of one of the assistants (photo below) as she proceeded in a hunched back manner and somehow navigated her way down the staircase and into the lounge area.

I had heard that the ginger and white cat named Romeo was very popular, apparently he likes to sit on warm open laptops, well he put on quite a show downstairs as we watched him jump up and down while one of the customers teased him with a feather stick.
I think during our two hours there that one or two of the eleven cats must have slept the whole time during our visit. One of them seemed very attached to a cat hammock just above the staircase and was determined not to give it up.
Things did also liven up a bit when one of the cats, possibly Petra, was fascinated by my friends bag and started playing with it as well as trying to find out what was inside.
But all in all it was a pleasant new experience although my friend who is more of a lover of cats, being that I like dogs so much, well he came away slightly disappointed that none of the cats sat on his lap. It seems that every day at the Cat Café can be different. It's all down to the moods of the cats and how much they feel like interacting with the public.

Below are just a few pictures I took while we were there. For more information visit their website...


Casper The Wonder Boy!

Here's a clever little short film that was made in 2011 by Dutch boy Casper Buijtendijk and titled 'Fluorescent Adolescent.' The film clearly tries to point out the danger of over consumption of high caffeine energy drinks.
Casper is quite involved in making films and has been the recipient of several short film awards at various film festivals. Now 18, he's currently studying Film at The Amsterdam Film Academy. There's obviously an American influence in Casper's films as he tends to abandon his Dutch accent when performing in front of camera.
The film's title Fluorescent Adolescent comes from an Artic Monkey's song.

Below is Casper's Youtube Channel where more of his short films can be seen.


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

K-Pop Stunner Lee Minhyuk

Lee Minhyuk must be one of the hottest looking guys in the world of K-Pop. The 23 year old singer, actor and dancer is part of pop outfit BTOB, or as it's known 'Born To Beat.'  Apparently the group formed in 2012.
I've seen many images of him over the last couple of years but this one picture above must be one his most outstanding one's. And it was part of an editorial for Men's Health Korea back in February of this year. He featured on the cover shirtless which seems to be a requirement at Men's Health. But for me this top image above would have made an even better eye catching cover.

At the bottom of this post is a video of Minhyuk appearing on one of those many tv shows alongside Miss Min from the Korean all girl group Miss A. I'm not normally a fan of Asian dyed hair but I think Minhyuk is so stunning looking that even with red hair he looks just as beautiful.
In the video there's four people in that room, but it's Minhyuk that simply shines especially in that skimpy low cut vest.

More on that photo shoot at Men's Health can be see at SOOMPI.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Korean Catwalk Hopefuls

Above and below are just two cute Korean models that are
currently taking part in Koreas Next Top Model tv show
on KNTN Channel.
The above cutie goes by the name of Ahn Seungjun who has
already featured in several fashion editorials. And below is
Ha Dongjoo. The tv show features both guys and girls and
sitting on the judging panel is none other than Tyra Banks
who seems to be spreading her wings taking the show to Korea.
It is amazing how so many tv reality and public
participation shows like The Next Top Model and The
X Factor  are no longer exclusive to one or two countries
anymore . It's clear that they've been sold right around
the world.
I did manage to watch some of Episode 1 of this Korean
model show which you can watch HERE. And any male
model devoid of a set of abs will find themselves coming
under the scrutiny of Tyra Banks.

For more on this as well as more images of some of those
cute male model hopefuls take a look at Korean Male
Models tumblr HERE.

A New Theme For The Water Feature

So this is how my Indoor Water Feature is looking like at the moment. And I do seem to change it's theme every few months. Just a while ago it was a Japanese Water Garden and now it's resembling a miniature Renaissance courtyard garden.
The actual water feature itself was originally a five tier terracotta display but I cut down the metal frame making it now a four tier feature as it was looking a bit too tall before.
Funnily enough I don't have the fountain water running during the Winter months, but during some of the warmer periods in Summer it makes a pleasing sound in the corner of the room. And I suppose the whole thing has become like a toy and hobby rather like having a train set. There seems no end of possibilities as to what it can be turned into.
But I'm sure I'll be keeping this current theme for a while yet.

Above: The original five tier feature and sold by
Primrose UK and also available through Amazon UK.

Below is the feature when I first bought it and decided
to make a box for it to sit in. I then later built a support
for the whole thing and so it's now become a piece of
furniture where I can keep some books and magazines.

This is where the Water Feature sits near the corner
of the room but close to the window.

Here's yet another statue that I picked up just this weekend
so I wasn't able to use it for all the original photos or film.
It does look rather like one of those souvenir statues that you
might get in Greece and such places.
It's believed to be Discovolus of Myron, the discus thrower. 

Well this must be a first after blogging for six and a half
years. It's actually my first ever video that I've posted
up. I managed to film it on my mobile phone. I think the
original uploaded  footage was over eight minutes so I
decided to cut it down by a few minutes using the Youtube

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How To Pack It All Away Taiwan Style!

Above: One of the hot Asian models from the Taipei in
Style Fashion Show video below.

So I wasn't imagining it after all. Apparently most Asian
guys when putting on their briefs arrange their tackle in
order to separate it from their scrotums as these ranges
of men's briefs prove.
They're actually sold in categories to suit the wearing of
arranging your penis in the upward position, or the only
way I've ever known it, the down position.
It's often been a mystery to me why all Asians position
theirs in the upward position. I've never been able to work
out why. Is it superstition or something their parents
taught them or perhaps they just feel more comfortable
that way.

In the printed guides below grabbed from the King Style
Briefs page we're told all about the advantages of which
style might be best for us depending on how we like to
position the penis once we've tucked it away into our
To me it sounds like a load of old balls. I mean where is
the scientific evidence that the penis must be kept
separated from the scrotum as it mentions on the
company's web page.
Of course guys that wear boxers are totally unaffected by
all by this but I just think a nicely rounded package
in the crotch area just looks so much more appealing, like
a tennis ball in a sock, nice and round. And that way it
also, believe it or not, shows what you've actually got
down there, a nice round lunchbox as they used to say.
But when Asians have it in the upward position all you
see in their packages are two little bouncing balls tucked
away as you can see in the video below which probably
falsely gives the impression that there's nothing down
But oh my, are those models in the video hot. They
certainly are.  
These briefs above are described as 'for wearing
the penis down.'


And this style of briefs is 'for wearing the
penis upwards.' It also has an opening at
the top to allow you to relieve yourself
if you ever get caught short. But more
interestingly it's one of several styles
that they recommend you wear if you
are prone to irregular erections.
I know.... this all gave me the giggles when
I first read it.

You can read more about it at


I couldn't resist throwing this one in. It is of
course our favourite model from Taiwan, Chris,
as photographed on Photoblue.


Below are those hot guys from Taiwan in the
King Style underwear fashion show from a
few years ago. They certainly had me gasping
when I first saw this video. But they only take up
the first five minutes of the video before making
way for the women's fashion show. It's five
minutes of sheer Asian bliss.
All three models are sporting the 'upward' style
of briefs, hence a lot of visible ball bouncing.
Perhaps though the guns and weapons look a
little bit out of place on a catwalk.