Wednesday, 27 August 2014

K-Pop Stunner Lee Minhyuk

Lee Minhyuk must be one of the hottest looking guys in the world of K-Pop. The 23 year old singer, actor and dancer is part of pop outfit BTOB, or as it's known 'Born To Beat.'  Apparently the group formed in 2012.
I've seen many images of him over the last couple of years but this one picture above must be one his most outstanding one's. And it was part of an editorial for Men's Health Korea back in February of this year. He featured on the cover shirtless which seems to be a requirement at Men's Health. But for me this top image above would have made an even better eye catching cover.

At the bottom of this post is a video of Minhyuk appearing on one of those many tv shows alongside Miss Min from the Korean all girl group Miss A. I'm not normally a fan of Asian dyed hair but I think Minhyuk is so stunning looking that even with red hair he looks just as beautiful.
In the video there's four people in that room, but it's Minhyuk that simply shines especially in that skimpy low cut vest.

More on that photo shoot at Men's Health can be see at SOOMPI.


Monday, 25 August 2014

Korean Catwalk Hopefuls

Above and below are just two cute Korean models that are
currently taking part in Koreas Next Top Model tv show
on KNTN Channel.
The above cutie goes by the name of Ahn Seungjun who has
already featured in several fashion editorials. And below is
Ha Dongjoo. The tv show features both guys and girls and
sitting on the judging panel is none other than Tyra Banks
who seems to be spreading her wings taking the show to Korea.
It is amazing how so many tv reality and public
participation shows like The Next Top Model and The
X Factor  are no longer exclusive to one or two countries
anymore . It's clear that they've been sold right around
the world.
I did manage to watch some of Episode 1 of this Korean
model show which you can watch HERE. And any male
model devoid of a set of abs will find themselves coming
under the scrutiny of Tyra Banks.

For more on this as well as more images of some of those
cute male model hopefuls take a look at Korean Male
Models tumblr HERE.

A New Theme For The Water Feature

So this is how my Indoor Water Feature is looking like at the moment. And I do seem to change it's theme every few months. Just a while ago it was a Japanese Water Garden and now it's resembling a miniature Renaissance courtyard garden.
The actual water feature itself was originally a five tier terracotta display but I cut down the metal frame making it now a four tier feature as it was looking a bit too tall before.
Funnily enough I don't have the fountain water running during the Winter months, but during some of the warmer periods in Summer it makes a pleasing sound in the corner of the room. And I suppose the whole thing has become like a toy and hobby rather like having a train set. There seems no end of possibilities as to what it can be turned into.
But I'm sure I'll be keeping this current theme for a while yet.

Above: The original five tier feature and sold by
Primrose UK and also available through Amazon UK.

Below is the feature when I first bought it and decided
to make a box for it to sit in. I then later built a support
for the whole thing and so it's now become a piece of
furniture where I can keep some books and magazines.

This is where the Water Feature sits near the corner
of the room but close to the window.

Here's yet another statue that I picked up just this weekend
so I wasn't able to use it for all the original photos or film.
It does look rather like one of those souvenir statues that you
might get in Greece and such places.
It's believed to be Discovolus of Myron, the discus thrower. 

Well this must be a first after blogging for six and a half
years. It's actually my first ever video that I've posted
up. I managed to film it on my mobile phone. I think the
original uploaded  footage was over eight minutes so I
decided to cut it down by a few minutes using the Youtube

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How To Pack It All Away Taiwan Style!

Above: One of the hot Asian models from the Taipei in
Style Fashion Show video below.

So I wasn't imagining it after all. Apparently most Asian
guys when putting on their briefs arrange their tackle in
order to separate it from their scrotums as these ranges
of men's briefs prove.
They're actually sold in categories to suit the wearing of
arranging your penis in the upward position, or the only
way I've ever known it, the down position.
It's often been a mystery to me why all Asians position
theirs in the upward position. I've never been able to work
out why. Is it superstition or something their parents
taught them or perhaps they just feel more comfortable
that way.

In the printed guides below grabbed from the King Style
Briefs page we're told all about the advantages of which
style might be best for us depending on how we like to
position the penis once we've tucked it away into our
To me it sounds like a load of old balls. I mean where is
the scientific evidence that the penis must be kept
separated from the scrotum as it mentions on the
company's web page.
Of course guys that wear boxers are totally unaffected by
all by this but I just think a nicely rounded package
in the crotch area just looks so much more appealing, like
a tennis ball in a sock, nice and round. And that way it
also, believe it or not, shows what you've actually got
down there, a nice round lunchbox as they used to say.
But when Asians have it in the upward position all you
see in their packages are two little bouncing balls tucked
away as you can see in the video below which probably
falsely gives the impression that there's nothing down
But oh my, are those models in the video hot. They
certainly are.  
These briefs above are described as 'for wearing
the penis down.'


And this style of briefs is 'for wearing the
penis upwards.' It also has an opening at
the top to allow you to relieve yourself
if you ever get caught short. But more
interestingly it's one of several styles
that they recommend you wear if you
are prone to irregular erections.
I know.... this all gave me the giggles when
I first read it.

You can read more about it at


I couldn't resist throwing this one in. It is of
course our favourite model from Taiwan, Chris,
as photographed on Photoblue.


Below are those hot guys from Taiwan in the
King Style underwear fashion show from a
few years ago. They certainly had me gasping
when I first saw this video. But they only take up
the first five minutes of the video before making
way for the women's fashion show. It's five
minutes of sheer Asian bliss.
All three models are sporting the 'upward' style
of briefs, hence a lot of visible ball bouncing.
Perhaps though the guns and weapons look a
little bit out of place on a catwalk.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Silas in The Cold Lands!

Here's an interesting film that's been winning several film awards around the independent cinema circuit. Released earlier this year and made by Tom Gilroy and titled The Cold Lands, it's a story about a boy played by young new teen debutant Silas Yelich in which his Mother unexpectedly dies. And unable to face an uncertain future he runs away into the nearby forest.
While out and about on the run he teams up with a drifter named Carter and the two seem to connect in a paternal way.

While I've only watched trailers for the film and read about it on the films website it's clear that this film does focus on the wild natural surroundings of the film's locations which are set in Upstate New York. And it emphasises this with lingering natural shots of trees, mountains, water and grass, an appealing element of outdoor storytelling that many filmmakers neglect. It's often more visible in  many foreign productions. One film that I recently saw was a Korean film where we were able to ascertain exactly which Season it was set it in by watching the ever changing seasons as the film progressed. Ironically that film was called 'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter' (2003) and was directed by Kim-Ki-duk.

On the film's website they've gathered up a collection of publicly shared images from Instagram in the spirit of the film with lots of images of the natural settings of Upstate New York.

Below is the trailer.


Above and below the boy Atticus ( Silas Yelich)


French beauty, model, basketball player and filmmaker Chris Kadima
is beautifully captured here by the lens of Rick Day in some of his best images.

More can be seen on Chris's very own tumblr HERE as well as
his INSTAGRAM pages.

Below: Chris in a couple of images from his Instagram page.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday August 17th

Isn't he scrumptious. It is of course the beautiful 18 year old
American model Joel Wolfe who also happens to be part Polish
as well as German.
The above new image is just one of several taken by photographer
Jonathan Hokklo for Joel's portfolio at Major Models New York.

More can be seen at MALE MODEL SCENE

There's also a great collection of images of Joel at

So we're back again after a short Summer break which seemed to go quite well during our 2 week stay in Newquay Cornwall. I've certainly posted up lots of pictures further down below so it's sure to take up this whole first page.
There didn't seem to be any great urgency to get straight back to blogging after the holiday. It is August after all and I'm sure a lot of people are away on holiday. And some of the time off has allowed me to get on with some other little projects. And besides the blogs e-mail account was empty except for a hello from Ian who quite rightly predicted that I might be suffering from a lack of Asian eye candy as there's barely any Asian guys to drool over down in Cornwall. I think I counted about 4 over the holiday. What a relief it was to get back to multi-cultural London.

I've just finished this week some work on the indoor water feature. If our friend Tom, who must surely be on his world travels again, well if he thought that the last water garden theme was the best one, well the latest theme is the best ever. It's a sort of renaissance garden with Michelangelo's nude statue of David as it's centre piece with some Greek/Roman architectural background effects.
I'm sure that well known craft and Cinema model maker Harry Hausen would have been proud of my efforts. You might remember that he did all the effects for that great film Jason and The Argonauts in the days before CGI.
In fact I just filmed the new Water Garden and will put it up here along with the photos. Just having a problem though uploading the 4 minute film to Youtube. I seem to have lost the option on my phone that says 'Upload to Youtube' so I'll have to find another way.

Other than that my local Hospital must have forgotten that I recently had a CT Scan so after a few phone calls I finally have an appointment to come in and meet the team which will take place at the end of the month and they'll tell me if after my first year of being cancer free, that hopefully I'll still be cancer free.

Oh and later this week I shall be visiting that new London Cat Café. Our reserved day which we booked earlier this summer is fast approaching.


Beach Beauty Brandon!

Here's a hot model that seems to be getting his face around
in blogworld and tumblr. Brandon Bailey hails from
Cocoa Beach Florida. And over at Morphoman blog they
promise to give us more pictures of Brandon than you can
find anywhere else in blogosphere.

At the bottom of the post is a rather gorgeous video by
Sean Micah Siegel with some behind the scenes of a
photo-shoot on Jones Beach titled The Sailor.



Below: Brandon on Jones Beach
By Sean Micah Siegel.


Having recently returned from Newquay Cornwall it's clear to see
through some of these images that we were surprised with some
pretty spectacular daily sunshine despite the gloomy meteorological
predictions mentioned the week before going. At least that's how our
first week went by. In fact the sun was quite relentless those first five
days. By our first Thursday it was a pleasant break to finally get some
rain and a whole day of not going anywhere. But by the following day
on Friday the spectacular weather was back and we were able to get
around the town and the beaches once again.

These first few top images feature a beach in Newquay that I seem to
have overlooked. Tolcarne Beach is a privately owned beach but open
to the general public for all to use. The entrance to the beach (below
and above images) ) looks quite spectacular with an almost
Mediterranean look about it which had me  saying to myself 
why would I want to be anywhere else.

Tolcarne Beach has also been the summertime location for
several tv reality shows including THE HUNKS in 2011.

Below are quite a few pictures from our recent stay and
interestingly most of them were taken during our first week
while the weather was sunny and warm and quite relentless
at times, hence the usual sunburn after only our first day there.
Mind you the cuts in the local bus services there kept us fit and
healthy. Being that we stayed a little way out of town, we were
forced to make a long grilling daily uphill walk to catch an
hourly service into town and the beaches. ( More on those local
cuts below).
Sadly we weren't able to be in Newquay for The Boardmasters
Surfing, Music and Skating Festival, just about the biggest week
in Newquay. Our regular holiday company weren't able to give us
our usual special holiday deal. Apparently they had been bought out
and they had hiked up their prices by another £400.
It seems that as soon as the Schools break up then all UK holiday
prices rocket up by several hundreds of pounds.

It does seem though a bit of a mystery why the BBC don't give us
much coverage of The Boardmasters each year. It is after all the
biggest event there every Summer, and it brings in a lot of money
for the local economy. 

Above: The map of Cornwall, and what's interesting is
that the further West I go then the more appealing the
areas become.
And undoubtedly the pinnacle of travelling West must be
a visit to The Isles Of Scilly.


Below is a list  of top U.K holiday resorts that was compiled
a couple of years ago by Trip Advisor. And not surprisingly
St Ives Cornwall took top position.
Odd though that no beaches are mentioned from further up
North. I have seen some pictures of several spectacular
and secluded beaches up in Scotland. I guess that they just
don't get the regular warm temperatures like we do in the South.


Tolcarne Beach Reception and The Breaks Café.


Beach sign on the outside of Tolcarne Beach Café 'The Breaks.'

Above are some of the Tolcarne Beach Huts. The one's on the ground
beach level with the light blue doors are what's known as The Surf Shacks.
They're very basic with two bunkbeds sleeping four people. And right
now in the high season they cost around £100 a night, working out at
£25 per person each day. More information about these and other
properties on and overlooking the beach can be found on the Tolcarne
Beach website.


It amazes me that the good people of Cornwall aren't rising up and marching to Westminster to protest about the budget cuts that are crippling the County. They have been known to do this sort of thing in the past when certain situations became too unbearable to endure.
While down in Cornwall recently it's all we heard about in all the news outlets as well as on local tv channels.
Local Councils are being held to ransom by central Government and are all being told to cut and reduce their spending budgets to a minimum at a great cost to local tax paying residents.
Day Care Centres for the young and elderly are being forced to close down. And a decision was just recently taken to cut the funding of fourteen Care providers which will leave vulnerable people in their homes at risk.  Many public services are being drastically reduced or shut down. Eight Coastguard Centres are to be closed down, the first of them being the Brixham (Devon) Coastguard Centre this coming November.
Even I was somewhat shocked to learn that our regular bus service into Town while on holiday in Newquay simply didn't exist anymore, which of course required a long sturdy walk each day. We happened to be staying quite near a popular Camping area that gets quite overstretched during the annual Boardmasters event, so I dread to think what may have happened when Festival goers arrived there to be told that there were no more shuttle buses for that area.
The problems of the local buses is often a source of distain and discussion on the local Radio Cornwall phone-in shows.

And yet I ask myself why is the Government doing this. Why is it making all these cuts not just in Cornwall, but everywhere. And yet by some miracle David Cameron and his silver spoon fed Eton cronies seem to be finding from somewhere billions of Pounds to send abroad in ever increasing Foreign Aid budget handouts. And all at a great cost to the British people.

Last March after the destructive Winter storms where the Westcountry was particularly effected, David Cameron promised to fix the damage problem at any cost by pledging £100 million. And yet weeks later as described so fluently by LBC Radio presenter Nick Ferrari in The Express newspaper, Cameron pledged to give Ukraine a whopping £1 billion pounds for their ongoing problems.
Ferrari went on to say 'Where the hell did he find this much money. Down the back of a sofa at The Treasury Department.'

Why does David Cameron prioritise the problems of the rest of the world over the crippling problems which we have here at home which in effect has been caused by him and his Government by spending our money. The long list of where our money is distributed is never ending. And a lot of it goes to some very dubious places like the Sudanese Government which receives around £42 million a year. Some would describe the Sudanese as a brutal regime where women are treated like slaves if not second class citizens.
And yet Cameron has made no effort to reduce foreign aid but rather increasing it year on year. And all because he wants to see Great Britain as a major player on the world stage. I really don't know how the British Electorate let him get away with it. To me it's sheer criminality. No wonder comedian and actor Russell Brand wants us to have a revolution. I read the other day that he's finally working on a genuine plan as to what that revolution would entail. Cant wait!

But f I had my way I'd completely shut down the whole Department for The Ministry of Overseas Development, cancel all overseas foreign aid, that is until Britain gets back on it's feet and just keep an eye open for genuine needs like the current ongoing situation in Iraq where our help along with other countries is badly needed.

So if you've ever wondered why....

Our Army has been reduced to nothing,
Our Fire Stations are closing down at an alarming rate,
Our now very reduced Police Force are almost invisible,
Our Libraries are closing down,
Money support for Charity run Hostels is dwindling,
Care Centres for the elderly are closing down,
School budgets have put Teachers under pressure,
Public Transport services are being cut,
Cuts in the NHS is putting Doctors and Nurses
under great pressure,
Old people dying unnecessarily each Winter because
they cant afford to pay their heating bills,
A lack of new social housing developments
in preference for an over abundant amount of
luxury apartment buildings... the list goes on..

Then blame Prime Minister David Cameron
who would prefer to prioritise the problems of the rest of the
outside world rather than the problems we have here at home.
Oh I cant wait to get to that ballot box next year!

Now where was I. Oh yes I was on my budget holiday in Cornwall.





Above is the main Beach Bar and Café on Fistral Beach which
got badly damaged during last Winter's storms.









Above is the latest issue of Coast Magazine. And in this
month's edition it features items on staying in Cornwall.
And in one story a happy holiday customer recommends
a stay in top resort St Ives where he found a property right
in St Ives Harbour.
There's also a big colourful spread on my favourite Island
in The Isles of Scilly, Tresco.
But for it's biggest spread there's a four page item on
the up and coming Norfolk Vintage 1940's Wartime
Bus and Railway Weekend.
You can see a Youtube video HERE of last year's event.
I remember seeing it on a local tv channel last year.
It seems as if the entire local Sheringham community turn
out at the local railway station dressed up in 1940's style
clothes and uniforms to celebrate British nostalgia.
Below is the event website.


Above is Cornwall's top magazine publication Cornwall
Today. And I've picked up quite a few editions over the
years, particularly when they published items on areas
like West Cornwall and The Isles Of Scilly.
The top quality of the magazine with it's well laid out
features makes it a very keepable publication.






Above: The Atlantic Hotel Headland  July 2014.

Below: A picture postcard of the same view from 1934. 


This is a rare Great Western Railway original poster
that was mentioned alongside other vintage images in The
Western Morning News while we were in Newquay. They
were expected to fetch a good price when they were due to
come up for auction in New York. And I just recently found
out that they sold for a better than expected price, with this
above poster fetching just over £2,000. It was created by
British born artist Alfred Lambart in 1937 for The Great
Western Railway.

More on the auction story can be found HERE. 

Above: Newquay Harbour. An altogether different and much more
relaxed part of the resort. If things get a bit too hectic and noisy
elsewhere around Newquay then this is the place to be.
There's a very good Restaurant right in the Harbour that serves
fresh crab and lobster caught by the local fishermen.
And just to the side of the restaurant is a big open seawater wooden
container filled with lots of crabs lobsters and all things
The Harbour always reminds me of West Cornwall where the
pace of life can be slower.


A couple of buskers performing in the centre of Newquay Town.
These guys were to be seen regularly during our stay, and
actually made a great sound. I'll call them The Funky Duo!
Now if only I had packed my tambourine. I just might have
been tempted to join in.

Trenance Park was looking a bit run down. The Lake's
star attraction, it's huge central fountain was not working
and there was a bit of building and reconstruction going
on around the area of the old Park Cottages.
Of course having not packed any sandwiches for our visit
there, we headed towards the Café area only to find a
somewhat gentrified Wine Bar which was of no use to us
so we cut our journey short and made our way back into
Town. But at least we got to see close up that monolithic
construction that is the Trenance Viaduct, something
that's obviously difficult to see when on the train as it
crosses the viaduct on it's way into and out of town.  

Above: The Trenance Viaduct which towers over
Trenance Park in Newquay.

Below: A vintage image of the Viaduct which was
originally a timber structure on stone piers.

Here's a cute little mini train ride that takes in some of
the scenery around Trenance Park. It mainly attracts
kids with an accompanying adult, although I was tempted
to take a little ride believing that the ride took in the whole
perimeter of Trenance Park. In fact it was a very short
stretch of track as you can see in the tunnel picture below.
If you look at the top of the picture below you can
just make out the train which is stationary in the mini
train station.

Above is the Newquay Road Train or as it's sometimes known
as the Surf Rider Train. It's an alternative train ride that
takes in some of the scenery around Newquay, even going
out as far as Trenance Park.

Here's a very familiar image as captured in one of those
vintage Great Western Railway posters. It's Brunel's
famous Royal Albert Bridge that divides the County of
Devon from Cornwall.

The wild and rugged stretch of cliffs know as Watergate Bay.

Having spent most of our first day travelling to Cornwall, once
we had unpacked, eaten and settled in to our holiday accommodation
we headed off up to the cliffs at Porth just outside Newquay Town and
took in some great views of an evening sunset. Hard to believe that on
that Saturday I was waking up that morning in London and by the
evening I was watching a Cornish sunset in Watergate Bay.

Below is the video that was put together by the
festival organizers of last year's Boardmasters.
The Festival which comprises of two big events, the
Boardmasters Surf & Skate event over at Fistral Beach
near the centre of town, and The Boardmasters Music
Festival at Watergate Bay which is further away outside
Sadly the climax and final day of the Music Festival got
cancelled due to bad weather. Apparently Cornwall faced
the tail end of Hurricane Bertha on Sunday so
everyone was sent home and the event closed early.
But the final day of the surf event on that Sunday did go
There's no denying that there's a great buzz in town during
the Boardmasters and it was really disappointing that we
couldn't be there for that particular week, although it is the
Surf & Skate that interests me more.
We managed to keep up with some news of the surfing by
tuning to the BBC and ITV's local Devon and Cornwall
tv channels on Sky tv once we got back home.

Interestingly being that it's August I notice that nearly
all the regular BBC tv news presenters are all
away on holiday, and all at the same time.
The Corporation is currently being staffed by a shadow
team of Z-list news presenters and apprentices. But come
Monday 1st of September they'll all be back as if we didn't
know that they'd all been away, and they'll all be telling us
that it's now Autumn when in fact I always think of
September as still being Summer. The BBC has it's own
agenda that it tries to force on us and it's staff. 
It's almost become the Nanny of the State. Is it no wonder 
 that some disgruntled people will look towards them
rather than take a complaint to the Police.

There's not much that gets past me when the BBC get
up to their tricks. I seem to see and hear things that others
don't pick up on, like the corruption of the regional London
accent in their feeble attempt to make it sound more
Northern friendly. I'm still in shock that other viewers and
listeners are simply not picking up on this.

So come on BBC. Lets have some coverage of the annual

The video below features a few highlights from last year's event
with footage from the Surf & Skate event as well as some footage
from the Music Festival. It was put together by the Festival organizers.
( The images in the screen fully open out after 50 secs. )