Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday 20th December

Above: Oxford Street earlier this week while out and about visiting the shops and
checking out the West End Lights on a seasonally brisk cold day.

I'm hoping to be out and about today so I can put together a last big seasonal post
which should be my final post here this year after a somewhat disappointing blogging year.
The signs are once again looking ominous for a January return, but then don't I often
say this at this time of the year. But it is looking likely now.

Magazine Archives

Taken from a magazine archive this image is by photographer David Sims.

Image found at CNYCK TUMBLR

Brandon.... An American Dancer

Here's one from the Dance archives. It's American teen
Ballet Dancer Brandon Carpio. In the above top picture
he was amazingly only fourteen when he performed in the
American Dance Competition in 2012.
The video of that performance can be seen below.
Now sixteen he still trains and performs with The
American Ballet School in Tampa Florida.

The images below are from The Ballet School's Facebook


Above and below the now 16 year old Brandon Carpio in some images
from the Ballet School's Facebook page.

Below: Brandon in that 2012 dance performance at the 2012ADC.

Dance Coaches  -  Paula Nunez and Osmany Montano.
Video Production by Diacom Video Productions.

Those Sporty Outdoor Russian Boys

Just love those sporty Russian outdoor boys. You cant ever imagine them
being stuck indoors during the Summer spending hours on computer games.
Perhaps because their Winter's are so harsh they make the most of the
Summer season.
These pictures are from a tumblr that goes by the name of....


Monday, 15 December 2014


Very seasonal! It is of course the gorgeous Brandon Bailey
as captured by Idris & Tony.


I particularly like this black & white image below with
Brandon sporting a rather teasing fringe. I wonder why I
never seem to favour that combed back hairstyle look. Is it
because a fringe seems to frame the face so nicely. I'm often
puzzled why so many boys prefer the combed back look.
I've noticed that many Asian boys have fringes, and I can
only guess because they have the kind of fine hair that's not
easy to comb back.
Can you ever imagine an emo style boy whipping all his
hair back exposing his entire face. Doesn't hair grown
around the face create a kind of facial mystery.

I believe this black & white image of Brandon is from his
new coffee table photo book called ITSREALLYKEN. And it
does remind me of Brazilian male model legend Edilson
Nascimento who was all over the blogs around five years
ago. Perhaps Brandon based his look on Edilson as he has
several Edilson videos up on his Youtube page HERE.

Above black & white image by


My original post on Brandon HERE.

BELOW: A repost of that wonderful video of Brandon
on Jones Beach New York by Micah Siegel.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Return Of David!

Last month saw the reopening of the Italian Cast Court at London's Victoria
and Albert Museum after weeks of refurbishment. And the public were
finally able to see the newly restored plaster cast of Michelangelo's statue
of David along with other great works of art.
The plaster cast from the original was created by Florentine cast-maker
Clementine Papi in the 1850's, and through European Royalty was presented
to Queen Victoria as a gift in 1856. Apparently our rather prudish Monarch
was so shocked by the statue that a cast of a fig leaf was specially made to
save the blushes of visiting female dignitaries.  The leaf which was
eventually removed can now be seen sitting behind the statue.

Not being a regular visitor to The Victoria & Albert Museum it was quite
a thrill to see so much art and history all in one place. One could easily stay
there for a whole day and still probably not take everything in. And so by only
spending Wednesday morning there, that leaves lots more to see. And even
though I got there just before 10.00 am there was quite a crowd standing by
the entrance doors all waiting to get in. The Museum has no entry fee and
you can just walk in for free and enjoy acres and acres of art, history,
fashion, photography and many galleries of fine sculptures. There's even an
outdoor open garden area as well as a café and a rather spacious gift shop.
For more information on the V&A Museum visit their website below to find
out about the current exhibitions as well as the many events running now.


A plaster cast of Michelangelo's The Dying Slave

Above:  Cupid Kindling the Torch of Hymen
By George Rennie ( 1802 - 1860 )
( Situated on the ground floor Sculpture Gallery )

Above:  The monolithic cast of  Trajen's Column.

Below: Just next door to the V&A is The London Natural History Museum which
currently has it's Christmas Ice Skating Ring now in full swing for the Holidays.


It looks like the folks at IMG Models in Sydney have had a
change in their agency site layout. So now we get to see
more images of Gold Coast beauty from Down Under
Jordan Barrett.
The site at IMG now offers us snippets from Jordan's
previous modelling assignments, a few newly added
images from his current portfolio as well as some extra
images taken from his up to date Instagram page.
It does look like those long gold hair locks have been
chopped off again in preference for the short side look.
But there's no denying that short or long, Jordan still looks
For his updated portfolio page at IMG click below.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014



Here's a stunning Thai model that up until recently I'd never heard
off until I scanned the opening pages of Asian guy tumblr
He's Krit McClean and although he was born in Bangkok he was
actually raised and educated in New York.
Having decided to take out a gap year from his studies he decided
to have a go at male modelling. And a good decision it was too.
He currently models for Red Models in New York. Most of these
amazing images were captured by photographer Brian Jamie.

More images can be seen at Krit's model profile page

Krit also has his own personal website HERE.