Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Japanese Beauty......Sota Fukushi

20 year old Japanese beauty Sota Fukushi in just a few images from his
Photobook. The actor can be seeen in some of his best images.
And lots more pictures from this amazing collection can be seen at the
link below at Motomimost blog.


  1. Beleza graciosa, característica dos jovens orientais...Belo álbum fotográfico !!!! Ryan !

    1. Ryan, he is beautiful and looks much younger than his age.


  2. I clicked on the link and found that many of Sota's photos were shot in Sydney. You can recognise the Harbour Bridge in the background, as well as the Blue Mountains. Some of him in a suit were taken outside the historic State Theatre in the CBD. Perhaps they were all taken in Australia. See what lovely weather we are having Dee, while you are up to your eyebrows in snowdrifts? - Ian

    1. Ian, I read somewhere that some of the shots might have been taken in Singapore (That Asian country thats so fond of speedos).

      No amazingly we still haven't had any severe winter weather here in London. But I'm sure it's on it's way. I'm still waiting to get my first proper snow pictures on the digital camera. So I want it to snow. The UK has mainly been suffering from floods. And many peoples Christmas's got cancelled because of it.

      I dont think I'd like to be anywhere near Melbourne right now (we used to get one or two visitors from there, here). It's going to be boiling...40 plus this coming weekend. And just in time for The Aussie Tennis. They'll have to air condition that Rod Laver Arena. Perhaps it'll be cooler up in Brisbane.