Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Yuzuru Hanyu....The Little Prince Prepares For Sochi!

With the climax of the Ice Figure Skating season fast approaching, Japan's
Yuzuru Hanyu, our Little Ice Prince, must surely be hard at work getting in
a lot of practice for the two big prizes left on offer.
Next month in February sees the start of The Winter Olympics in Sochi and
in March will be The World Championships. Although it's probably going to
be too late in the season for Yuzu to put in a new skating routine. And so it's
expected that he'll carry on with the 2012/2013 routine.

Below are a few images gathered from several Yuzu tumblrs of which there
seems to be more of now that he's established himself in the Skating world.
Yuzu recently became the winner of The Japan Skating Championships, making
him now the top skater in Japan.

Below is a lovely video of Yuzu filmed behind the scenes of a tv commercial that
was filmed for Procter & Gamble's Winter Collection of soaps and shampoos.
And at the end of the video is the official advertisment.
The video was uploaded by JIJPRESS.

A worthwhile Yuzu tumblr worth checking out, which is where some of these
images came from is LEGEND OF YUZU.


Yuzu showing off his now trademark pose at The Japan Olympic
Representative Press Conference.


  1. Pardon my ignorance of these things, but there were two revelations for me in this post. One, so the Olympics isn't the highest "prize"; he would still need to get the World Championship? (Or this just means a lifetime of winning competition after competition until he can't win them anymore?) The other is, so you no longer have to be an amateur to be in the Olympics? If he is doing Procter and Gamble commercials, I would say he has gone "pro". Funny company to use him, though, although I suppose he may be a household name in Japan. I doubt if his endorsement would go very far in the United States market.

    Watching him tie on his ice skating shoes makes my feet hurt! I wish him well in all these competitions!

  2. p/b, I would imagine that the Olympic gold medal would mean more to any skater.
    But of course The World Championships is important.

    I'm still not sure if Yuzu has graduated from his schooling yet. You imagine that
    he must ne raking in some kind of income from skating. Perhaps the skating academy
    run by his coach Brian Orser must be paying him some kind of pocket money.
    I wonder if he gets paid for all those special exhibitions that he often takes part in.

    I still think he's shying away from social networking. Perhaps he's waiting until he has
    a better grasp of the English language.
    I dont think we ever see here in the west any of those Japanese commercials. Obviously
    something to do with the language barriers. But in Asia, anyone who's anyone gets to do
    commercials, specially those boys of J-Pop and K-Pop. They seem to churn them out at a
    very fast rate. I think that celebrity commercials are more rampant over there.

  3. As I recall, a lot of big name American actors, including the Terminator himself, have been paid a lot of money over the years, to do commercials in Japan. But the proviso is that they not be screened outside Japan. - Ian

    1. Ian, Some of our most unlikeliest U.K celebs have done adverts in Japan. No doubt One Errection have already done one. And because they dont get shown outside of Japan we never get to hear about them or see them. They do though often turn up on comedy funny adverts from abroad including of course those regular Swedish condom commercials.
      I see that Liam Payne from 1D has been moaning about privacy and asking why he cant hang out with his mates like any normal lad. I mean he wanted fame so normality is something he's not going to get.