Thursday, 26 June 2014

Do The Jacques Tati!

Just love this song by Frank Black in praise of that great
French artist and comedy film maker Jacques Tati.
Although it's not quite clear how we're supposed to
dance The Jacques Tati!



  1. The idea of this made me laugh, such is the extensive of power of Jaques Tati! I have no idea what they are really singing about, their accents make it impossible to understand most of it so I gave up halfway through (the music, itself, did not appeal to me). Good God, and they're just so sweaty and fat! (Sorry to say that, but when it comes to rock musicians, it seems they all have to be "Mick Jagger" skinny, or some of kind of "Asian" pop lean and muscular teens.)

    But what I presume, giving them the benefit of the doubt, they must be saying to go through life whether you trip or fall or make a fool of yourself, just smile, be polite, take your hat off to the ladies, and just keep on going on with confidence and energy. Be an affable clown--that's actually a great philosophy of life, I think. Be at peace and enjoy even the tiniest thing, be amazed, and never let anyone get you down. Be an "innocent abroad". If I am right, I will want to listen to that song al the way through.

  2. P.S. The "Jacques Tati" graphic you used was wonderful.

    I did tell you once, didn't I, that I finally had the privilege of seeing "Play Time" on the big screen, all of the original 155 minutes of length, projected through the original 65 millimeter print, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? I have the Criterion Collection DVD of it, and liked the film, laughed in a few places, but understood that those critics who say that this is probably the greatest film ever made say that you have to see it the way I descried, above, because other wise you miss 75% of the gags. They are right. I laughed my head off, and the guy sitting behind me in the theater actually laughed every minute of the entire 155, and his laughter wasn't disturbing, it just indicated to me that he had picked up things that I had missed! It's terrible that circumstances were such that Tati ended up bankrupting both himself and his sister. Decades ago, I enjoyed being able to explore the phenomenal 20th Century Fox movie set (town is more like it) that they had made for the Barbra Streisand movie version of "Hello Dolly", which had been up for years and years and years. How much more, now, would I love to see the Tati "Playtime" set, if the studios had kept it up for tourists to enjoy (probably few today would even know what it is, though).

    Some times in life I want to provide an allusion to some bizarre thing that just happened in real life that was already shown in that film, but nobody I know has ever even heard of it. We do this thing in afternoon at the school where I work that they call "carpool", which is when for about an hour, school buses and cars come down the driveway of the school and then travel around a circle in front of the school to pick up the children after school. It is a kind of circus of parents, nannies, chauffeurs, and security guards driving bullet-proof vehicles, come to pick up the children to take them home after school. I wish we could play that "Playtime" music in concert with this carpool scene that so much reminds me of that final "circus" (the true meaning of "circus") at the end of "Playtime. It seems to underscore what we are doing.

  3. Tom, I didn't think you would enjoy the music in this video knowing what your taste in music is.
    But it's interesting that Tati should be mentioned in a song from this generation thereby spreading
    the word about a French genius from another generation.

    I suppose that we are critical of current pop stars. Certainly when I was growing up and pop music
    was in it's heyday, looking physically attractive was what it was all about. It actually helped their careers.
    I don't believe we have a Pop culture here in the UK anymore, and certainly nothing like the Korean Pop
    We've just had the biggest Pop festival in the world held here in Glastonbury. and appearing there were
    a few artists that seemed phenomenally popular going by the crowd reaction, but if you saw who they were
    you would probably say the same thing you did about Frank Black (fat and sweaty). So I can only guess that
    these current popular but sexless artist clearly have some kind of musical talent that it over-rides the lack
    of looks and sex appeal.

    Talking of nostalgia and visiting places that featured in great classic films, I would love to visit that little
    coastal area of St Marcs (not sure of the spelling) where Hulot's Holiday was set. I believe that even the
    Hotel is still there.
    I did see somewhere the other day a picture of that modern house with the water fountain that featured
    in 'Mon Oncle' and it was set up in a studio or showroom for fans to visit and lookover in some kind of museum.

    1. The "Hulot's Holiday" hotel! Your hint plus the Internet Movie Data Base led me straight to it! ( ) Good lord, it is now a Best Western Hotel, the interior thoroughly modernized, so no more marvelous squeaky door between the kitchen and the dining room. Same old exterior, though, and right on the beach. I think it actually would be good to stay there, it's not expensive at all. I love hotels that are ON the beach. That might be one to really, truly check out.

  4. Wow, that hotel link was such a failure! Try this one: