Sunday, 22 June 2014

Flower Power!

Don't you just love boys and flowers.
So here's a few images from a tumblr by
that very name.

For more images click below.




  1. Flower power - hippy hippy shake. - Ian

  2. Ian, That tumblr is in it's early days with not that many posts, but I did see your current favourite
    Lee Jong Suk buried away in there and looking seductive as always.

  3. What a beautiful post, and about something I've never really made a connection between before, boys and flowers. I think the only time I have ever worn a flower was as a member of a wedding, or with formal wear. At work a year or two ago, we had a formal dance and we were supposed to wear formal wear. I have a black tuxedo and black patent leather formal shoes, I chose to wear a rose boutonniere and people raved about it, that seems to be all that they saw. A red flower against a black background, really wonderful.

    Lots of great photos here and on that Boys and Flower website. The valentine flowers in the red cube vase is a magnificent display, and the single flower you have here is utter perfection. The beautiful Asian boy "smoking" the daisy is just that, beautiful. On that website, there is a naked boy with gorgeous large red flowers on his head, he looks so wonderful. I am thinking from seeing these pictures that red and pink are really the best flower colors for a boy; one might not normally think that would be so!

  4. Tom, Flowers certainly can be an addiction for some whereby they need to see fresh cut flowers around the house every few days.
    Perhaps you might say that it does just slightly soften and feminize boys when they're covered with flowers whether it be daisy chains
    and garlands around their neck or worn like a floral crown in their hair.

    I remember one time when some wild flowers I had picked fresh from our garden really had quite an effect when I presented them to my Aunty
    in Hospital. Apparently all the flowers in the Hospital gift shop were mostly fragrant free and some were even artificially coloured, but they still
    looked spectacular to the patients. But when I walked into the Ward with my bunch of flowers, and I picked the two varieties because my Aunt was
    passionate about them.
    I had picked several branches that were fully flowered from our white Lilac Tree as well as a few clumps of Lily of the valley. And as I walked in to
    the Ward several patients AND Nurses remarked on such a beautiful aroma that these natural flowers were giving off unlike all the other expensive
    less aromatic flowers spread around the Ward. My Aunt told me the following day that the flowers had an amazing effect on everyone in that small
    Ward and it seemed to drown out all those familiar hospital smells that you get like cleaning fluids and disinfectant. So there you go, the power of
    flowers. Just a shame though that with my history of Sinus problems I'm not always able to smell most things.

  5. Ahh the flower of youth....... such sweet delights for the senses.