Saturday, 28 June 2014


London's free weekly Gay Scene Guide


So later today The London Gay festivities begin with crowds
gathering in the West End to see the Parade kick off at Baker St
where the procession will then make it's way down to Oxford St
and through Regent Street where it will disperse just past
Trafalgar Square. It's there that crowds will gather for the Pride
Celebrations. The Parade starts at 1.00pm.

And headlining the Pride stage will be Eurovision Song Contest
winner Conchita Wurst.

And for the first time that I can certainly recall, the day's events
will be televised and shown on London's new 24 hour TV channel
( Sky Channel 117 from 3.00pm to 5.00pm )

For more information on the day's festivities click on to
The Pride website below.


Unfortunately the weather predictions don't look as promising
as last years big day out, and showers here and there are to
be expected.
But if there's anywhere to be this weekend it surely must be
here in The U.K,  what with Pride in the center of London as well
as the Mother of all Pop Festivals Glastonbury taking place over the
weekend. And there's still another week left of Wimbledon, the
biggest and oldest Tennis tournament in the world.
It is June after all and everything happens all at once.
And what of the dilemma of probably having to miss the big game
later today, Brazil versus Chile in The World Cup. Perhaps if that
rain does come then maybe we can head back home for the second half.



  1. I hope the weather is good for you--sunny and bright! It looks, though, that even with a gloom, nothing will really dampen the festivities and the good feeling.

  2. Tom, Oddly enough it was our wettest Gay Pride ever. But at least it was sunny and dry
    as we spent a while in Baker Street picture taking while all the participants waited for the Parade
    to start. And just as it started it came lashing down. But despite the wet and damp it was an
    improvement on last year. But feeling damp all afternoon we didn't want to hang around for too long.