Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Of Lucky Blue!

More of the amazing Lucky Blue Smith who's images I
first posted up earlier this year HERE.

In the top image Lucky Blue features in an editorial from
SSAW Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 "Californian Suite"
photographed by Paul Jasmin.

More can be seen at Before You Kill Us All Blog.

Below is a black & white agency image at Next Models L.A.


  1. I've been collecting pictures of Lucky Blue Smith ever since I saw him and his sisters in an ad for the Gap. I have never posted him on my blog because, at first, he was a bit too young, and by the time I was ready to post him you already had and I thought it would just seem redundant. Beautiful, beautiful boy, though, and he's also an great drummer.

  2. He sure looks good in that top picture! He looks good in any picture, but that one is outstanding. I imagine that in behavior and demeanor, he is a nice, normal acting, boy-next-door-type (just an extraordinarily beautiful nice, normal acting, boy-next-door type!)--in other words, someone really wonderful to know and to be comfortable with.

  3. Tom, I'm sure he is a nice normal boy next door type. But being that he loves playing the drums
    (as you can see in my first post) I imagine that he could be quite fidgety and hyperactive.
    If you've ever known anyone that plays the drums this is often the case. But I could be wrong.
    It just makes me think of someone I used to know. Wherever there was a kitchen or table top surface
    they would always be tapping and banging it.
    But yes, a gorgeous top picture.