Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Of Lucky Blue!

More of the amazing Lucky Blue Smith who's images I
first posted up earlier this year HERE.

In the top image Lucky Blue features in an editorial from
SSAW Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 "Californian Suite"
photographed by Paul Jasmin.

More can be seen at Before You Kill Us All Blog.

Below is a black & white agency image at Next Models L.A.


  1. I've been collecting pictures of Lucky Blue Smith ever since I saw him and his sisters in an ad for the Gap. I have never posted him on my blog because, at first, he was a bit too young, and by the time I was ready to post him you already had and I thought it would just seem redundant. Beautiful, beautiful boy, though, and he's also an great drummer.

    1. Vera, I first saw him a few years ago in that b&w image by Hedi Slimane (Vogue Japan).
      I actually thought it was one of those trick androgynous pictures and believed it to be a
      girl. So it was only recently that I discovered who that b&w image actually was.
      But he is maturing nicely.

  2. He sure looks good in that top picture! He looks good in any picture, but that one is outstanding. I imagine that in behavior and demeanor, he is a nice, normal acting, boy-next-door-type (just an extraordinarily beautiful nice, normal acting, boy-next-door type!)--in other words, someone really wonderful to know and to be comfortable with.

  3. Tom, I'm sure he is a nice normal boy next door type. But being that he loves playing the drums
    (as you can see in my first post) I imagine that he could be quite fidgety and hyperactive.
    If you've ever known anyone that plays the drums this is often the case. But I could be wrong.
    It just makes me think of someone I used to know. Wherever there was a kitchen or table top surface
    they would always be tapping and banging it.
    But yes, a gorgeous top picture.