Thursday, 26 June 2014

Reviving The Garden!

So after three and a half weeks the work in our garden is
finished. The makeover looks fairly similar to last year's
effort, but being that the grass was so long it took longer
to get the lawn back in shape. And yesterday I handed
back the keys to the garden flat tenants who just returned
from their holiday in Europe. They were pretty pleased
with the result. Lets hope they might look after it over this
next year then they'll be less work to do next time round.
But boy am I going to miss going down there each day,
particularly in the evenings.

Above: The center plant display island is buried in
the long overgrown grass.

Below: The center island all cut and tidied up.
This is the view of the garden from my top floor flat.
The magic time in the evening when it all gets lit up.

Even Bloggy was out enjoying the garden on Sunday.

So there really are fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Looks like Bloggy is reading a bedtime story to the fairies.

What are these two fairies doing behind the rocks.
It all seems a bit queer to me.


  1. As a responsible adult, you should keep your sweet, innocent little Bloggy away from those godless fairies who have a twisted and evil agenda to corrupt the youth of today. They want him to CHOOSE to be gay and become involved in a promiscuous lifestyle. Gasp! Remove him from the bottom of the garden at once and return him to those nice men (uncles?) who live upstairs.
    On another point, will you take Bloggy to see the Paddington movie when its released? - Ian

  2. Yes we cant have the bottom of the garden becoming a place of ill repute with sordid goings on. We have enough of that on
    my local Heath. Oh wedl just as long as Bloggy's books don't have any brainwashing religious content.

    Don't think he knows Paddington Bear personally. But he does know Soggy Bear. He lives down in St Ives Cornwall. He's quite
    famous. (Google him).

  3. Dee, I just wrote you a long, lovely, praiseful comment about your garden, and, of course hitting "publish" succeeded in only losing it all. I can't stand this happening as much as it does. I really wish I understood why that happens. Of course, THIS meaningless comment will probably go through.

    I finally AM, by the way, getting a whole new Internet service provider. It will be a phenomenal hassle, one I really don't have energy to deal with, but I can't stand it the way it has been, so I have to do.

    1. Tom, I'm glad you've finally given in and decided to change your service provider.
      lets hope it helps you in blogland.

  4. Trying again:
    Dee, what tool did you use to cut down that “ten-feet” high grass? I don’t think even a power mower could cut through all that!

    Once upon a time, as I am sure I have mentioned before, I rented a house in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California in “Gold Rush Country”, in a tiny town called French Corral, kind of near two small but better known towns, Nevada City and Grass Valley. The house had three acres of land, much of which was grass. One of my favorite things to do there was mow that grass. While I hated doing things like washing the dishes or doing laundry, I loved mowing the grass.

    At first I figured I could use a hand-pushed, roller-mower, thinking I would get some exercise while I was at it, but that was way too much exercise. I may as well run a marathon once a week, as do that. So I gave up on that thing and for a hundred dollars bought myself a used power mower. I really loved that power mower and my grass always looked fantastic. My neighbors raised sheep and offered to send them over to my lawn to keep the grass down, but I preferred to do the mowing myself. Good thing, too, because one time the sheep got away from my neighbor’s ranch and got over onto my place and began eating wildly. They romped and stomped on bushes and plants that I had, breaking their branches and wrecking most of them. From that one experience, I learned how thoroughly dumb sheep really are and I certainly didn’t want any of them on my land again.
    (comment to be continued)

    1. Tom, Cutting that grass is the toughest part and the way I always do it is to pick out a few square yards and manually cut it
      with a pair of shears, usually an area the size of 3 square yards. And when that's done I'll use our manual grass cutter lawn
      mower to complete the cutting. Obviously I must use the sheers first the lawn mower. And as I do it bit by bit it can take quite
      a long time as I'm doing only a little area each day. This time it took me two weeks to complete.

      What's odd is that just today I saw the Country and Farm show on the BBC (called Countryfile) where they showed someone
      cutting a large area of grass with a SCYTHE on a pole or stick. Now if only I had one of those. It worked miracles and seemed
      to strip the whole area in no time at all.
      Just think if I had used something like that I could have completed the grass cutting in a day or two and enjoyed 2 or 3 weeks
      relaxing in the garden instead of just a few days. But whatever, I enjoyed all my time in the garden specially in the evenings.
      You know when that central plant island is all lit up it's like being mesmerized by a big open fire.

    2. When you say "manually cut it with a pair of shears", I think, "Wow, shoulder and arm muscles!" This is how you keep your v-shaped physique!

      I read about how fabulous a scythe actually is, a sensual pleasure to use if one knows how, and really gets work done very efficiently. It doesn't look to me like it would be easy, but apparently the tool is ingeniously balanced so that it swings almost like a pendulum and cuts extremely well. Maybe next year, that is the tool you will use!

      That central plant island looking like a big open fire, how marvelous.

  5. (Comment concluded):
    Sometimes I gave dinner parties out there on the grass under a gigantic, widely-spreading oak tree, which provided so much shelter that even if it rained, nobody would get wet while eating their dinner. You can imagine how beautiful that was, everything lit by candlelight and the stars brightly filling up nearly every inch of nighttime sky. Living there was the only place I’ve lived where I was able to watch meteor showers. Here in Los Angeles, I don’t think we can see the stars at all. You’d think I’d know if we could see them or not, but when there is nothing to see, you don’t even think to look for it.

    Since I honestly found pleasure in keeping my acres of grass trim, your downstairs neighbors may discover that they would actually enjoy doing the same with their garden, and being out there would introduce them to the pleasure that you have been experiencing. I think they would be able to enjoy relaxing out there even if the season isn’t summer; you know, “Mad dogs and Englishmen”, and all that (which I think means that Englishmen have the fortitude to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather).

    And, well, Bloggy always knows a good place when sees it—the cliffs above Cornwall, in front of a warm wintry fire, gorging himself on a pile of chocolates, and look how much he enjoys that garden! Of course, Bloggy will attract all the fairies and angels, who always love a good spirited person. “Fairy energy” may do your neighbors some good!

    I like those two fairy boys kissing. They’re so precious and cute. I think even straight boys would like kissing each other to express their natural affection for one another if they hadn’t had their natural behavior polluted by the various “Holy Land” religions. Why even C.S. Lewis (of all people) said that rough and tough soldiers will kiss a comrade when the affection moves them to (which he felt, was not necessarily an indication of homosexual interest). Nowadays, of course, most straight men are petrified of each other.

    1. Tom, I actually left out in the garden the parasol, table and chairs in the hope of encouraging the garden flat tenants
      to utilize the garden. Normally I put them all away in the garden shed before they get back.

      Well, didn't our Parents always tell us that there were fairies at the bottom of the garden. They also told us to put our
      discarded tooth under our pillows and then we'd be rewarded by the tooth fairie.
      But yes the fairies are part of my Christmas decorations. But I think when the winter comes I'll have to set up Bloggy's
      indoor cottage again. I think I've found a way for Bloggy to come alive (in a video).

    2. Smart idea to entice them out into the garden with a welcoming set of furniture and the parasol.

      I was always rewarded by the tooth fairy, one shiny dime under my pillow whenever I lost a tooth. Nowadays, the kids at school get a ten dollar bill! Inflation at work.

      A Bloggy video? I can't wait to see that!

  6. Such wonderful work, you know one day, when I have the house with the garden, I'm going to have you come down here to the Sussex coast and design me a little oasis of pleasure. You're tastes are always sublime.

  7. Hi Jason, Haha, I should have gone into the garden design business. Amazingly the garden is already
    going to seed...sadly. They just wont care for it. But as I did make it look so inviting when the tenants
    returned, they actually sat out in it for the first time that I can recall.
    But it's a bit sad having to watch it go to pot over the rest of the summer.
    I remember that you took quite an interest in gardening at the Brighton flat.