Thursday, 26 June 2014

Vietnamese Beauty

Part German part Vietnamese beauty Gia Tien Ngo.
More can be seen at Model Mayhem
and Model-Kartei Germany



  1. Glad to see you are still finding models I know nothing about. - Ian

  2. And there's me with just a few in my picture files compared to your bursting at the seams Asian files.
    I guess I don't like 'My Favourites' list getting too long, which makes anything hard to find.
    Of course it's always good to find a new face. But those Viet guys are hot.
    I think Gia Tien's top picture here is his best. Beautiful face!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Vera, Yummy indeed. And yet it's always a challenge to find a hot Asian model or singer that Ian
      hasn't heard of.

  4. I will admit to being favorably pre-disposed toward the Vietnamese, so I think to be able to talk with and hear this boy would take his beauty to yet another dimension. I think he would sound so soft, gentle, and lovely.

    I looked at the other photos of him of the other sites, and those photos of him wrapped up in yarn on the German site, at first, before clicking on them, it looked like they had wrapped him up in spaghetti. Yuck! I figured what an amazingly patient and cooperate model! But then with the pictures enlarged, I saw that it was yarn and figured that would be an picture of me after taking a knitting lesson. Not that I would ever take a knitting lesson; it's just that growing up, I was surrounded by female relatives, all of whom knit all the time and made very complicated things. I could not image how one could take "two sticks" and some yarn and manage to make sweaters, socks, skirts, even snow suits! Honestly, I'd end up looking worse than a kitten given a ball of yarn to play with, or this poor Vietnamese boy, very patient to undergo all this bondage. Photographs of him in his open clothes are quite good enough!

  5. Tom, I do like that soft sounding way that many Asians talk, particularly the Thais. But then I do
    believe that shouting and raising their voices is not something Thais are meant to do.
    I always remember watching that beautiful actor in the Thai film 'Beautiful Boxer' (2005).
    He had such a beautiful soft sounding voice.

    Re: knitting and sweaters, isn't Scotland home of the knitted jumper and pullover trade.
    Although I guess that by now they're no longer hand knitted anymore.

  6. Dee…or if the Scottish sweaters ARE being made by hand, they probably cost in a league similar to that hand-made lace that is still being made in Burano, Italy, near Venice--in the thousands of dollars!